rinascita valledolmo



“since 1977 we have been growing and harvesting the Siccagno tomato”

The Cooperative “Rinascita” was founded in 1977 when three small young farmers launched the enterprise project capable of tackling the many difficulties involved in managing the marketing of tomatoes.

The ever-increasing tomato production in the Valledolmo area has given rise to a considerable volume of exports to canning factories in Bagheria, Partinico, Comiso and Palermo.

Over the years, “Rinascita” has become the hub that hundreds of small producers in the Valledolmo area use to organise their marketing, logistics and delivery.

In the early 1980s, the cooperative, which was flourishing, specialised and mechanically advanced, became an indispensable point of reference for the whole area, giving a strong boost to the local agricultural economy.

The major canning industry crisis at the end of the 1990s led to a period of uncertainty that threatened the very existence of the cooperative, which was overcome by the exploitation of the opportunities arising from the emerging Territorial Pacts.
Rinascita” therefore became a small processing industry, creating added economic and social value for the members and the entire local economy.

The industrial processing of the “Siccagno di Valledolmo” tomatoes is now carried out in the modern Contrada Rovittello plant in Sclafani Bagni (PA), equipped with technologically advanced machinery and meeting all the health and hygiene requirements needed to manufacture products that comply with current regulations and are therefore perfectly suitable for national and international marketing.

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