rinascita valledolmo



We plant, we cultivate and we harvest by hand

Intense red colour

Siccagno tomato plants are grown on land in inland Sicilian municipalities in the lower Madonie mountains, specifically in Valledolmo, Sclafani Bagni, Alia, Caltavuturo, Castellana Sicula, Polizzi Generosa, Vallelunga, Villalba and Marianopoli. The tomatoes are harvested by hand and processed fresh (within 24 hours). They contain little water, lots of pulp and a high sugar content.

The sun exposure of the cultivation area enhances the typical properties of the tomato, resulting in food with low calories and rich in antioxidants that are very important for health, such as lycopene and beta-carotene (vitamin A) and vitamin C.

pomodoro siccagno siciliano

In particular, lycopene, which is present in much higher quantities than in traditional tomatoes, not only gives the tomatoes their characteristic deep red colour but is also a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from free radicals, which cause ageing and degenerative diseases.

The “Siccagno” has a very strong red colour, an intense and pleasant aroma and is very tasty.

Only recently rediscovered by nutritionists all over the world, the “Siccagno” tomato is now one of the most strongly recommended foods to be incorporated into a healthy, balanced diet.

siccagno di valledolmo